KCNC Production and Design

We are a unique multi-faceted company.
Able to take a product from concept through production.
CAD/CAM – CNC Routing – Finished product.
Specializing in Wood, Composites, plastic, and soft metals.


Wood and Composites

We began with and continue to service the needs of the musical instrument and accessory products Industry. Our expertise in designing instrument components and then transferring those designs to a cnc router which “roughs out” the parts, saves the Luthier or instrument maker hours of time while still finishing the parts by hand to maintain that
“Old World Quality”.
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Our work with composite materials led to the creation of the Bass and Cello Stand. Our Owner and Founder, Rick Williams saw the need for a more sturdy stand than what was then available in the market. He then set out to incorporate interlocking construction, sturdy Medex composite material, a unique design that reduced the possibility of knocking over the instrument while on the stand, and added a cushioned seat. Bass Stand for more detail.

This same interlocking construction inspired our line of “Flat out Furniture”, a line of coffee tables, end tables, and chairs designed to fit together without tools and easily moved by laying flat. You can see more about flat out furniture


Plastics and soft metals

We are continually sought out by members of the musical instrument manufacturing community which, has resulted in our developing specialty gauges and forms to repair and calibrate instruments from violins to double basses.

Requests like these are what inspired Rick Williams to design and build the “Bass Buggie” a two wheeled alternative to the Old Bass wheel. To see more on the bass buggie 


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